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Rome is famous for its greatest civilisation. Piazza Navona is one of the famous Roman squares. It features magnificent fountains and is a perfect place to watch street dancers and to shop. Castel Sant’ Angelo houses a museum which once was a jail and mausoleum. Roman forum is a symbol of ruining architecture. There is a temple of Saturn and others. Spanish steps are an important tourist attraction in Rome. It has a 135 stairway which is picturesque. This place is usually crowded as it is used as a gathering place and it is decorated in May with flowers. Trevi fountain is famous for its sculptures and it marks the sculptural composition of Neptune. The Vatican Museums are well known for their paintings. Michaleangelo’s painting of the ceiling is considered to be his crowning achievement. Pantheon is an example of roman architecture. It is a well preserved building.
The concrete dome stands as a symbol of largest unreinforced concrete domes. St. Pete’s Basilica is a major tourist attraction. Colosseum holds the famous amphitheatre in Rome. The construction was started in 72 AD and completed in 80 AD.